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Dunc72 Nov 13, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
honestsara.... obviously a fake handle made to only hate... too bad...

Zenithuk.... FANTASTIC WORK!!! ... I love your work and I appreciate the fact you make reasonable resolution downloads avail for fans....
keep up the great work.... I haven't gone through the whole gallery, but I am hoping to find a blade runner one.... the SW series is outstanding!!!
Would love to see the star wars pieces offered either in higher res of for purchase.
sir i can't stress enough how disappointed i was to find this page and see the tomfoolery you some how get away with. You are a rip off artist sir. You lift concept, color palette and images directly from othe rpeople's work and then ad a grungy texture over it. You're design work is a mess, minimalism requires perfection in shape and form, if you are too lazy to do it right it looks horrible. The worst part is you actually sell this to the public. It undermines the work of real artists and weakens the market for the art they toil to create. Just looking these over and the art on your website is so disheartening, it borders on criminal. These are all terrible ripoffs of real work. I wish i were a police officer then i could arrest you and testify at your trial and when the judge pronounces you guilty I'll look over at the real artists sitting in the audience and give them a thumbs up and a respectful nod.


Now please read all my positive feedback lol :P :D
Impressive gallery you've got there! Cool
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